"Japanese translation of „Deutschlands Energiewende – Ein Gemeinschaftswerk für die Zukunft"

The Commission for Ethics emphasizes that the ‘Energy Shift’ can only succeed as a concerted effort of politics, business and society. It is a great opportunity, however it comes with a number of challenges. At the same time, the international community is closely observing whether Germany succeeds in exiting from nuclear power.

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Japanese translation of "Catastrophe in Japan - First assessment of the economic consequences" IG Metall’s Position

The earthquake off the coast of Honshu and the ensuing tsunami are the biggest natural catastrophes in Japan’s history. The extent of the damage, in particular to Fukushima nuclear power plant, and the extent of a possible nuclear catastrophe cannot yet be estimated precisely.

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Japanese translation of IG Metall’s Position on Nuclear Power and Energy Policy

As a result of the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, the debate about the future of nuclear energy in Germany has flared up once again. IG Metall supports the supply of energy without nuclear power and presents the cornerstones of its policy for a sustainable energy supply.

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Labor Relations and Social Policies

A briefing paper on work relations and social security systems in Japan.

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Current Issues of Labor and Social Policies in Japan

As it seems that the administration of Naoto Kan will soon resign or call for elections, Japan is again in the midst of a government crisis. Wide-ranging social and economic problems call for solutions – however, a lack of majorities and recurrent oppositional blockades render reforms on the basis of the DPJ’s program impossible to realise.

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Government Change in Japan

On the 2nd June 2010, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama resigned after only 8.5 months in government. Following its overwhelming victory of 2009, the DPJ-led coalition government had realised a number of its campaign promises. However, Hatoyama failed to keep a self-defined deadline for the relocation of a US base on Okinawa.

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»Change« Comes to Japan?

This report assesses the background to Japan’s August 30th general election, as well as the main policy options on the new government’s agenda. The report describes how the Liberal Democratic Party’s loss was rooted in poor economic management and the effects of socioeconomic change on its electoral base.

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