Conference "Global Energy and Climate Security Prospects for German – Japanese Cooperation"

The conference shows how the German, European and Japanese energy and climate policies have developed over the last years. What areas for closer cooperation between Japan and Europe can be identified?

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International Symposium: Peacemakers or Powder Monkeys – the Role of the Media in Post-WWII History

The Symposium focused on the role of mass media in processes of reconciliation in Europe and East Asia. Participants included representatives of Major European, Japanese and US news outlets.

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International Symposium "Views from the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Democratic Party of Japan, and US Parties on the topic of Globalization and Inequality"

How are issues of globalization, liberalization, and inequality currently being discussed in industrialized countries, and how are policy makers tackling these issues? Reflecting on the current situation in Japan, we discuss how policy makers in Germany and the United States are addressing such problems in their political agendas and election campaigns.

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