"Was es mit den neuen japanischen Sicherheitsgesetzen auf sich hat" ("The New Japanese Security Legislation")

Japan’s refusal of belligerence is a key element of its constitution of 1947. Therefore, the role of Japan’s military used to be interpreted as purely defensive in nature. However, it has remained unclear whether Japan’s Self-Defence Forces were allowed to join multinational efforts of collective security. How can Japan contribute to achieving a global peace?

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Japanese translation of "Energiewende verstehen: Handlungsstrategien, Akteure, Regulierung" (エネルギーシフトを理解する:行動戦略、関係者、調整)

Germany’s ‘Energy Shift’ aims at achieving the country’s goals on climate protection. The two key pillars of the policy are renewable energy production and consumption efficiency. The public discourse tends to overlook the policy’s complexity. To broaden understanding, this study presents key policy options, actors and the legal context of the ‘Energy Shift’.

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The Abe Government and the 2014 Screening of Japanese Junior High School History Textbooks

School textbooks are an arena of contesting the past to shape the future, and can be a sign of democracy as well as an indicator of efforts to suppress it. Results of the Japanese government’s school textbook screening show how successful the Abe administration is in imposing its views of controversial issues, such as the ‘comfort women’ and the Nanjing Massacre.

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International Symposium "Germany's experience with Refugees and the Implications for Japan"

Called the worst refugee crisis since World War II, the Syrian humanitarian disaster has displaced half of the country’s total population of 22 million, and about a third of them, 4.2 million people, have fled to neighboring countries and Europe.

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International Symposium "Peace and Conflict Research in East Asia and Eastern Europe"

At the symposium, experts discussed the actual tensions and disputes in Europa and East Asia. This symposium served to deepen the network and intensify the exchange on the topic “conflict prevention”.

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The 14th Forum for "Historical Consciousness and Peace in East Asia"

70 years have passed since the Battle of Okinawa. Until today, the fight against the bases, such as Henoko, continues. On this Forum, we discuss current issues related to the position of Okinawa in East Asia.

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