1st World Community Power Conference 2016 in Fukushima

WCPC aims at bring leading community power proponents from Japan and the world together in order to discuss the role community power has to play in the global shift towards renewable energy.

Date: 2016, November 3rd (Thursday) 9:00~18:30, 4th (Friday) 9:00~12:30

Venue: Corasse Fukushima (Mikawa Minami-machi 1-20, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan)

language: English and Japanese (simultaneous/consecutive translation)

Organizer: Japan Community Power Association, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies,World Wind Energy Association
(The 1st World Community Power Conference Executive Committee), Fukushima City, Fukushima Renewable Future Fund

Supporter: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Umweltbundesamt (UBA), REN21, Renewable Energy Organization of Hokkaido, Network of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Business and Energy Future, Global 100% Renewable Energy Campaign, International Solar Energy Society, International Solar Cities Initiative, WindTech International, RECHARGE, neue energie, The BEAM and others

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Photo: Conference, FES Japan


Conference "Migration and Demographic Challenges: New Policy Approaches in Japan and Germany"

Under a worldwide trend of growing anti-globalism and anti-refugee movements, both Japan and Germany need objective, fact-based approaches to issues surrounding immigration. By sharing the experiences in this field, Japanese and German experts and politicians will learn from each other and formulate forward-looking migration policies that can contribute to a dynamic and sustainable future.

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Reception "50 Years FES in Japan"

FES Tokyo Office celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.

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Conference "The Relevance of Area Studies for the Sciences and Public Policy - Examples from Europe & Asia"

Social sciences tend to neglect local conditions, i.e. the specific ecological, social, political and economic context of a country or a region. Our conference aims at highlighting contributions of area studies to the sciences, innovation and public policy.

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Graphic: Publications, J. Traud

Latest Publications

magazine "International Politics and Society"

International Politics and Society highlights global inequality and brings new perspectives on issues such as the environment, European integration, international relations, social democracy and development policy.

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50 Years FES Japan Office

The Tokyo Office of the FES was founded in 1967. In a booklet commemorating the foundation of the Tokyo Office, we look back at 50 years of activities in the field of Japanese-German dialogue on topical issues important for the two countries and global Society.

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Publication "Sun, Water, Wind: Development of the Energy Transition in Germany"

The energy transition involves the complete conversion of the energy system of an industrial society. A comprehensive explanation of the energy transition that goes beyond mere statistics and technology requires the consideration of the economic, societal, and political context in which the relevant decisions are made.

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